Rough Terrain Cranes

Crane Service, Inc. has been in the crane business for over fifty years. Based in the American Southwest, we have taken pride in providing high-quality, reliable cranes to the construction and demolition industries for over five decades. In addition to our enormous fleet of rental cranes, we also have several cranes for sale. As we continue to update and refresh our rental fleet, our inventory of cranes for sale grows. These used cranes are in peak condition, and are perfect for a variety of jobs and businesses. Purchasing a crane could help a business save on crane rental costs over the years and ensure that your business has the necessary tools to complete a variety of jobs in the future.

One type of crane that we have for sale is a rough terrain crane. Rough terrain cranes usually consist of a crane mounted onto an undercarriage with four large tires. These cranes are perfect for rough terrains and construction sites, and work well in off-road situations. Outriggers stabilize these telescopic cranes for hoisting and pick-and-carry operations. With most rough terrain cranes, the undercarriage and the crane are powered by a single engine for ease-of-use. Your general rough terrain crane will have four wheel drive and four wheel steering to handle all sorts of environments and weather conditions. Rough terrain cranes come in a variety of sizes, different lifting tonnages, and several brands. As of now, we have one Grove rough terrain crane in stock.

In purchasing one of our rough terrain cranes, you can rest assured that you are getting a crane of the highest quality and endurance. We will gladly show you the annual inspection records for any of our cranes, and are committed to the safety of our buyers. Our customer service associates will be able to assist you with any questions that you may have in English or Spanish. Potential buyers or interested parties should feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about the rough terrain cranes we have on offer. Alternatively, they schedule a visit to come see the equipment in person.